Win £750 with Go Ultra Low

What would you do with £750? That’s the amount you could save in fuel each year by switching to an electric car because they cost as little as 2p per mile to run, and next Friday we’re giving you the chance to win a years’ worth of savings!

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Go Ultra Low at the Regent Street Motor Show

We’ll be at the Regent Street Motor Show tomorrow, displaying the latest ultra low emission vehicles and giving you the chance to come along and learn more about electric motoring.

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Go Ultra Low Video

Three learner drivers, one electric car...

We selected three young learners to try out an electric car for the first time, comparing it to the conventionally-fuelled car they were used to learning on, and filmed their reactions. All three of our learner drivers were immediately taken by how easy the BMW i3 was to drive and one even declared herself an ‘electric convert’. They all loved the quiet interior of the electric car and the instant torque that an electric motor provides.

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Next generation of drivers to get plugged in?

The electric revolution is on its way, as electric cars are set to become the new norm by 2016. We’re launching new research today revealing what young people think about the cars they will be buying in 10 years time, and we’ve found that eight in ten 14 year olds plan to make their first car purchase an electric one.

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