Next generation of drivers to get plugged in?

The electric revolution is on its way, as electric cars are set to become the new norm by 2016. We’re launching new research today revealing what young people think about the cars they will be buying in 10 years time, and we’ve found that eight in ten 14 year olds plan to make their first car purchase an electric one.

The younger our interviewees became, the greater the demand for green cars was. 56% of the young people polled associated electric cars with lower CO2 emissions, 48% with cleaner air, and 34% believed that electric cars were ‘the types of cars that everyone will be driving one day’.

Encouragingly, the youngsters were also aware of the other benefits of electric motoring, and over half pointed out the cheap running costs as a reason to buy one. Keeping up with contemporary technology was also among the top reasons given to buy one.

We selected three young learner drivers who hadn’t been behind the wheel of an electric car before and asked them to try it out, compared to the conventionally-fuelled cars they had been learning on. Check out the video below to see how they got on.

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